Sunday, September 21, 2008

Exotic Shofars

Just a reminder that I have an illustrated essay on the halachos of exotic Shofars which is available as free download here (460 Kb PDF file). This is the second edition, revised and expanded, from September 2007.


Reuven Meir said...

Hi - Do you know anywhere where one can purchase the "Rambam Shofar" (i.e. fully twisted rams horn)?

Any idea on the cost?

Natan Slifkin said...

I bought mine from Shimon Kenan at Kol Shofar in the Golan (
It cost 1000 shekel.

If you contact him, please tell him that I referred you.

Reuven Meir said...

For a full color 6x9 print version of the essay, go to:

and scroll to the bottom.

YK said...

great article!! no one could have explained the shofar better than you did.

I reposted it in my blog, I hope you are ok with that.