Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Perek Shirah: Nature's Song

I am pleased to announce that my book Perek Shirah: Nature's Song has been republished after being out of print for several years. The new edition also has various minor corrections and improvements over the old edition, as well as a redesigned cover. It is available now at bookstores in Israel and the U.S., and should eventually be reaching other countries too. You can learn more about the book and order it online here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, this comment is connected here but also to your piece on Stincus Marinus.

You write in the "here" (please pardon my ignorance of geek-talk) that "- A variety of possibilities were suggested regarding the identity of the tanin. It now appears that while the term can include several creatures, the primary references are to crocodiles and perhaps whales. The rishonim that who describe it as a "snakelike fish" are actually talking about a crocodile, and not an eel, as suggested in the book. The word "dag" is used to refer to any aquatic creature, not just fish."

But if "dag" can refer to crocodiles, and, i guess, Stincus Marinus, the Chasam Sofer's solution to Tosfos Yom's question of Stincus Marinus contradicting Chazal's statement that scaled Dagim have fins, and the Stincus Marinus has the one without the other - seems incorrect.