Monday, January 19, 2009

Letter from a Reader

Rabbi Slifkin,

I read your book "Mysterious Creatures" with great intrigue. However, I was greatly disappointed by your conclusion regarding the category you use to introduce the theme of the book. Were you to have taken the time or effort to visit Eretz Yisroel before drawing your conclusions you might have seen for yourself what animals are actually native to the land before spewing your apikorsus. I am attaching a photo of creatures that I have encountered in many parks and open areas around the country, which are arguably certain to be the adnei ha-sadeh described by Chazal (albeit that they may have become domesticated to some degree over the millennia, as I have witnessed adults and children playing with and around these creatures without ever being attacked and apparently with no fear of such an incident).


M. J.
Jerusalem, Israel


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Anonymous said...

I am glad to see You are tackling such Important issues(is that Gan Soccer or Gan Pamon?)(;
But today's daf Baba Kamma Chof Zayin Amud Beis There is a Machlokes Chachamim and Reb Yehuda over snakes used as a knife like weapon and there is what seems to be a Machlokes if a snake has a venom Sack or it is Just snake salivia? excuse my ignorance but what are the facts or maybe post a link tothe answer or anyone else who reads this.

Natan Slifkin said...

I couldn't find that Gemara, are you sure that you have the reference right?

Also, please sign your name to your question.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, big mistake by me. I meant
Bava Kama 23B.