Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Still nothing to do with animals

Today, everyone is talking about the IDF bombing the UN school. The global media is reporting how "Israel claims" that the school was being used for mortar attacks against Israel. This spin makes it sound like this claim is dubious; but in fact, there is incontrovertible video evidence here:

Here is an excellent IDF video that gives an overview of the entire situation:

It's good to see that Israel is finally learning how to fight a PR war, even if the odds are overwhelmingly against us in that department.


Anonymous said...

This is symptomatic of your conviction that evidence should affect your beliefs. But, as with your books, the hamoyn am will not be swayed. They will go on believing whatever they darn well like, evidence be damned. It is the tragedy of the Zoo Rabbi that any audience he hopes to sway will ignore him at best, resent him at worst.

zdub said...

The first video has been recently been shown to not have anything to do with the school bombing. Also, the IDF just admitted that it was tragic mistake and that their guidance system malfunctioned by 30 yards.

Nevertheless, people should keep in mind that the term "tragic mistake", although of little comfort to the victims, is also never used by Hamas since they purposely target civilians.

Anonymous said...


30 yards is 90 feet

please...take a walk 90 feet from your front door and please see how close it is

only israel would apologize for missing a target by 90 feet

if a terrorist were firing 90 feet from a school, he was firing from school grounds

the vid does not purport to show terrorists firing during the current purports to show how hamas has a pattern of using civilian areas as cover

and israel lost the pr will always lose a pr war to people who care little about wounded and dead as they would use both for photo ops

thank god israel has not descended to those depths