Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First Impressions

Just as I suspected, there are lots of differences between Mombasa, Kenya and Cape Town, South Africa:

Mombasa, Kenya: Appallingly bad and bumpy roads.
Cape Town, South Africa: Highways with three lanes in each direction.

Mombasa, Kenya: Greeted by black Africans in native dress singing tribal songs.
Cape Town, South Africa: Greeted by white Africans saying shalom aleichem.

Mombasa, Kenya: The only form of contact with outside world is international phone calls, which almost never work.
Cape Town, South Africa: Aside from the phone, there is high-speed internet in the airport and at the home where I am staying until I join my group.

Mombasa, Kenya: Upon arrival, served exotic fruit juices.
Cape Town, South Africa: Upon arrival, served tea with milk at 4pm prompt.

Mombasa, Kenya: I have to keep the door to my room closed, because monkeys tend to come in and steal things.
Cape Town, South Africa: I don't have to keep the door to my room closed, because the family dog is exceptionally well-trained.

(From this point on, things can only get more exotic!)


Erachet said...

Do they sell South African accents in the souvenir shops?

Unknown said...

Well, you may not have to keep the door to your room closed because of monkeys, but here in South Africa, the crime levels indicate that you should keep the door to your room locked for other reasons. Of course down in Cape Town, there is less crime than here in Johannesburg. But it doesn't hurt to be careful.

Anyway, aside from the crime South Africa is a great place to be, its a pity that you missed out on the normally wonderful weather. As a animal lover, it might be worth scheduling a trip to the "World of Birds" which is the largest bird park in Africa.

Also, Kirstenbosch might be an enjoyable visit. It may not have animals, but it sure is an enjoyable visit.

If you plan on coming to Johannesburg, you will likely find the Yiddishkeit something to behold. Its worth coming to see! If you can't on this trip, I suggest it in the future.

Have a fantastic trip, South Africa is a really nice place!