Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lion Bites Rabbi

Another video clip from my visit to Lion Park in South Africa. Thank goodness for my Timberland jacket!


Anonymous said...,7340,L-3573126,00.html
Did they ever find the second Ibex?

MAK said...

He's so cute! He reminds me of my kitten, though is quite a bit bigger than her.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're alright Rav Slifkin! I saw the title of the blog post in my RSS feed and was hoping it was some sort of joke.


Rafi G. said...

what bracha did he make on the rabbi?

Anonymous said...

domesticated lions can also be dangerous as this video shows
the ending is fine.
You can see a pakistani kid hitting a lion with what seems to be a slipper, to save his friend. LOL.

Anonymous said...

This wasn't so blog-worthy, IMHO. "rabbi bites lion" would be.